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12-day follow up

June 12th, 2007 2 comments

I had my follow up appointment today. A doctor removed the staples from my leg; I was glad to see them go. Orthopedic specialist Dr. C. said the x-ray from the surgery looks great and that my hip is definitely 100% healed. There is a good-sized hole where the screws were so it is important that I keep off the leg for 4 more weeks.

Once I’m walking unassisted and given an OK by the ortho docs, I’m going to finally attempt to get off disability and be cleared “fit for duty.” As I’ve explained, this doesn’t mean that I’ll be immediately returning to active duty. What it does mean is that I can reapply for OCS (assuming the higher-ups approve of it) and start the lengthy waiver process.

At this time, I can apply for OCC-197 or PLC 2nd Increment 2008. OCC-197 starts in January of 2008, which will give me a little over 6 months of training (if all goes well). If that doesn’t happen, I’ll just wait for PLC 2nd Increment 2008, which begins in just over a year.

Trip to Newport Naval Hospital, part II

March 27th, 2007 No comments

I had my 1 year review with Navy LtCmdr P. down in Newport this morning. He was excited to see how well I’m doing and is going to put me on a 6 month “limited duty” status. I now have a 6 month window to keep training and prove to the Marines that I’m fit to return to OCS and become an officer. At the end of the 6 months, my case will appear in front of a medical board in DC to determine if I should return to full duty or be permanently separated.

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