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The timeline

April 28th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I will be applying in August for acceptance into OCS (Officer Candidates School). OCS is located in Quantico, Virginia. I am applying to Class 190 which runs from 9 October – 16 December. OCS “trains, evaluates, and screens qualified applicants to ensure they demonstrate the leadership, the mental and the physical qualities to be an Officer of Marines.”

After OCS comes TBS (The Basic School). TBS lasts for 6 months, and is also located in Quantico. TBS “educates newly commissioned or appointed officers in the high standards of Professional Knowledge, Esprit-de-corps, and Leadership required to prepare them for duty as a company grade officer in the Operating Forces, with particular emphasis on the duties, responsibilities and Warfighting Skills required of a rifle platoon commander.”

Unless you go into OCS and TBS with either an Aviation or Law contract, you are not guarenteed an MOS (Military Occupation Specialty). I am applying for an Aviation contract which will guarantee me the chance to go to flight school.

Aspiring aviators proceed to Pensacola, FL, where they complete the initial stages of flight training. After completing up to 16 months of military pilot training at flight school, I’ll be assigned to an aircraft based on my performance and the needs of the Corps.

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