Marine OCS Articles

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The following articles were written to guide those interested in Marine OCS and to help future Marine Officer Candidates with their transition to OCS.

Interested in Marine OCS
How to find my local Marine OSO
How to apply for commissioning
Will a DUI or an arrest in my record prevent me from becoming a Marine Officer?
What are the vision requirements for being a pilot in the Marine Corps?

Preparing physically for Marine OCS – Wondering how to train for OCS? Need a workout plan? The following articles and programs should help get you started:
How to prepare physically for Marine OCS
Stretching for Marine OCS
Armstrong Pullup Program
Recon Ron Pullup Program
Killer’s Crunch Program

Going to Marine OCS
Should I drive to OCS?
Pack list for OCS
What should I know before I go to OCS?
How much money should I bring to OCS?
OCS tips and tricks
What happens if I get injured at OCS?

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