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Letter from dentist part 1

My OSO needed a letter from my dentist saying that my teeth are in “good condition.” I dropped by my dentist two days ago and asked them to fax over a letter. The women at the front desk said she would talk to my dentist and have him send the letter. I got a call later that day from the office telling me that my dentist wanted to examine me before he sent the letter, so we made an appointment.

I went to the dentist’s office, told them who I was, and took a seat in the waiting room. Seconds later I was called into one of the examination rooms. The exam was brief, and approximately 5 minutes later the doctor wrote the letter, and had his office fax it to my OSO.

Updated checklist:

  Medical exam
  7 Letters of personal reference
  Letter from dentist
  Electronic Personnal Security Questionnaire Worksheet
  Pass ASTB (air test)
  Pass cycloplegic eye exam
  Final Physical Fitness Test (1 month before Class 190 board meets)

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