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ASTB part 1

After weeks of studying, I showed up at my OSO’s office today at 3:00PM to take the ASTB. Staff Sergeant B. brought me to the testing room where I began filling out my information. I mentioned I took the test once prior while in talks with the Navy. He told me he needed a different form since I had already taken the test with the same form (form 5).

He came back a few minutes later to tell me that my scores from when I took the ASTB with the Navy were good enough, I didn’t need to retake the exam. I got a 5/5 last time I took the test, and the Marines require a score of 4/6. The Staff Sergeant told me I could just get a 1-point waiver and I’d be good to go. We talked it over with the Captain and he agreed that a better score wouldn’t really help my chances of getting an aviation contract.

Since I came all the way into the office, I knocked a couple more things off my list of to-dos. I went upstairs to the 4th floor (same location as my medical exam) and got fingerprinted. I expected the classic ink fingerprint, but they had a digital fingerprint station. I was on my way back to the OSO office in just minutes, and without black fingertips.

Once back at the office, I was more thoroughly measured by the Staff Sergeant. Apparently they need to be sure I won’t get stuck while ejecting from a jet.

Copies were made of my Social Security card and my birth certificate. I still need to bring in my college diploma, as well as my SAT score report to be copied.

The Staff Sergeant also let me know that they had received all 7 of my letters of reference. All I need to do now is turn in my application which is pretty much done!

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