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ASTB part 2

I didn’t feel good about the decision I made to accept the 1-point waiver for my ASTB score. My OSO’s concern was if I decided to retake the test, and didn’t do as well, I’d have no chance at getting an air contract for OCC Class 190. I trust my OSO, but I also trust myself. I’ve been studying for the ASTB for months, and I am confident that I can score higher. I called the office that night and told them I wanted to come in (again) the next day and retake the ASTB.

I arrived at my OSO’s office a few minutes to noon yesterday and was escorted by Staff Sergeant L. to testing room. The ‘testing room’ is actually a conference room located somewhere in MEPS. I took my seat in the middle of the conference table and began the exam.

The test wasn’t any easier because I had already taken it. The questions were just as difficult as last time, but this time I knew what to expect. I knew I was going to be short on time, and that there were going to be some questions I wouldn’t answer. The ASTB not only measures your knowledge of certain subjects, but also your ability to think and solve problems quickly.

Two hours later I finished the exam. I should receive my scores this Monday.

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