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Final PFT

I did my final PFT the other day. I got a 272 out of a possible 300. I did 18 pull-ups, 100 crunches, and ran 3 miles in 20:53. I wasn’t too happy with my run time but it’s an overall decent score and I’m going to go with it.

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  1. August 30th, 2005 at 00:48 | #1

    Hi my name is Sergeant Gomez. I found your blog via someone doing a yahoo search for “blog, marine, pft”. Yours and mine was in the result. Its cool that you want to become a Marine Officer. You will be joining the best officer corps in the world. 272 out of 300 isn’t bad but officers should always beat their enlisted. It makes us strive to be better and beat our officers. Marines love being competitive, thats what makes us as good as we are. Anyways, I’ll be following your blog as I am curious of an officer’s journey in becoming the world’s best leaders. Good luck.

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