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OCS pack list

December 21st, 2005 5 comments

(UPDATE: There is an updated pack list located in the articles section)

In one month I will be reporting to Quantico, VA for Officer Candidates Class. Training is going well and I’ve started getting my shit together. With lots of help from friends I’ve made a list of what to bring.

4 pairs Thorlo boot socks (black)
2 sticks BodyGlide
1 set of civvies (wrinkle free permanent crease and a plain polo shirt)
1 pair of nice shoes
2 pairs of go-fasters
Pair of broken-in boots
1 pair of boot insoles
2 pairs of white running socks
Underwear for about 5 days
Extra sneaker laces
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Razor and shaving cream
Travel size mouthwash
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizer
Liquid shower soap
Couple white washcloths for cleaning rifle
1 tube antibiotic ointment
1 tube antifungal cream
6 inch ruler
Chap stick
Zip lock bags (small and large)
Black pens (erasable), red pen, pencils, and erasure
Laundry pen (Sharpie’s “Rub a dub”)
A cheap black water resistant watch
$400 (small bills)
2 inch clear tape, for your canteen
1 roll of 1/2 inch and 5 rolls of 1 inch athletic tape
Electrical tape
Small nice scissors
Waterproof spiral notebook
Cell phone and charger

I’ve been told to put everything in Ziploc bags and to mark everything. I’ve also been advised to pack it all in a sea bag or duffle bag, not a suitcase.

The “sea bag drag” at OCS… can’t wait.
sea bag drag

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