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Surgery pushed back, again

February 18th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Got a call Friday at 4PM from the surgeon’s office in NYC. I knew immediately what they were going to tell me, I didn’t even need to hear her say it. “You’re going to want to scream,” she says. I tell her she’s probably right.

The doctor was looking over the upcoming surgery schedules and decided he wanted more time to spend on my surgery, and was going to push me back to March 18th. I freaked: I told her that this wasn’t just a surgery date they kept changing and that it was my life they were screwing with. She said she’d do her best to push 3 other people scheduled for March 4th back, and schedule me for then.

I’m expecting a call from her tomorrow with hopefully some better news.

People keep saying I should screw them and have the surgery somewhere else, but it’s just not that easy. Even if I found someone else to perform the surgery, I wouldn’t get it before March 18th. I would need to get all new X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, referrals, authorizations, physicals, etc. That means more doctors visits, more traveling, more paperwork, more hours spent on the phone, and so on.

But people don’t think of that, it’s easy for them to just say “you should have the surgery somewhere else.” They think that’ll make me happy. I think they have no idea.

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