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6-weeks post-FVFG

April 25th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Aside from not being about to walk, things are pretty much back to normal. The hip is tender and still has some swelling, but the lower leg is back to normal. The range of motion in my foot is still limited, but that will get better over time.

I take Motrin 3 times a day, and that seems to be enough to manage the pain. I still can’t get comfortable, and sleeping is a challenge, but that’s nothing new.

I see my surgeon in NYC in 3 weeks. I’m assuming he’ll at least change my weight bearing status from non weight bearing to touch down weight bearing, which means I’ll at least be able to rest my foot on the ground instead of holding it in the air all the time. Considering how conservative he is, I highly doubt he’ll up things any more than that.

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