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Finally getting registered with the VA

February 19th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thanks to solid advice from a reader, I was able to submit my paperwork to the VA for disability compensation. Thank you Don!

This morning I went to the Disabled American Veterans office and met with a Service Officer who helped me with all the paperwork. Not even 30 minutes later I was finished. I should hear from the VA in a week telling me they received my information. After they retrieve my file from the Department of the Navy (which will take about a month), they will schedule an orthopedic appointment for me. The VA orthopedic doctor will evaluate me, then submit his findings, and the VA will give me another disability rating.

So why am I getting a second disability rating?

The military rates only conditions determined to be physically unfitting, compensating for loss of a military career. The VA may rate any service-connected impairment, thus compensating for loss of civilian employability. Another difference is the term of the rating. The military’s ratings are permanent upon final disposition. VA ratings may fluctuate with time, depending upon the progress of the condition. Further, the military’s disability compensation is affected by years of service and basic pay; while VA compensation is a flat amount based upon the percentage rating received.

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