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Army doc no show

August 14th, 2007 3 comments

I showed up to Hanscom Air Force Base at 7:50AM last week to meet with that Army doctor, only to find out “he didn’t show up for work.” I rescheduled for the 22nd, but found out today I might not even have to go. Turns out I need to go back to Newport Naval Hospital to determine whether I will return to full duty, continue treatment, or have a PEB (I think PEB has something to do with a medical board reviewing my case, though I am not familiar with this acronym). I called today to make the appointment but never heard back from them about how many weeks I’ll have to wait to be seen.

Some days I feel like I could walk fine, other days I can’t even bend my hip enough to put on a sock. Apparently things aren’t getting better on their own and I need some therapy advice. Hopefully I’ll go to Newport soon.