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Orders to Bethesda

March 27th, 2010 No comments

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Received my first orders to appear for the temporary disability retired list (TDRL) periodic physical examination (PPE) this week.

I am to report to Bethesda Naval Hospital by the end of June 2010 to “determine any change in the condition for which I was placed on the TDRL.” As you may remember reading, those on the TDRL must be evaluated every 18 months in order to retain their pay and benefits. I’ll be scheduling my trip for the end of May, the only time I have off between Spring and Summer semesters. I’m actually looking forward to it. Unlike some civilian physicians, Navy physicians always appreciate the magnitude of my injury and seem to have a better understanding of my situation, though I’m not sure why.

Second semester at NYU

February 2nd, 2010 2 comments

Believe it or not, not a lot has happened since I last posted. I finished my first semester of going back to school in late December, and had the next four weeks off to relax. Since NYU knew the VA was going to pay for my spring semester, I didn’t need to make any kind of deposit, which was a big relief. I started back two weeks ago. It was difficult to get back into reading/studying in all of my spare time, but this semester is much more in depth than last, and I’m really enjoying it.

The leg has been hurting more this past week or two, but it’s probably just from using it again. I’m planning on getting a referral to the Hospital for Special Surgery, where I will hopefully have my hip replaced in January 2011, right after I graduate. It should be a shorter recovery this time.

Even though I know it will be difficult to come to terms with replacement surgery every 10-15 years, I can’t deal with this pain, arthritis, and severely limited range of motion for too much longer.

First two appointments with the VA

April 6th, 2009 No comments

I just got home from my second appointment with the VA. I had my first appointment last Wednesday. I was right, it turned out to be just a basic medical appointment. I met with a nurse practitioner, and we did a full medical history, starting from my initial injury. She checked my vitals (blood pressure, lung sounds, etc), and then sent me to get my blood drawn. After that I was free to go.

Today’s appointment was with an orthopedic physician’s assistant. Again, we went over my medical history starting with the injury. This appointment however focused on my leg. She measured all the ranges of motion, and wrote down the degrees. For those of you that don’t know, I lost quite a bit of length in my right leg when I injured it, but never really knew exactly how much. Well, she measured, and it came out to a 2.5cm difference. So basically my right leg is an entire inch shorter than my left. It’s no wonder I limp so bad. Next, I had to rate how my injury affects everyday tasks, such as shopping, bathing, and driving (the degrees were none, mild, moderate, severe, & prevents). Once that was finished I was all set. The whole appointment took a little over an hour.

I guess now I just wait to hear from the VA.

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6 month post-FVFG follow-up

September 17th, 2008 No comments

I had my 6 month follow-up appointment last week down in NYC. My doctor took a look at my MRI and said things looked great and the hip was healing nicely. My level of pain is normal, but should subside with physical therapy. And the best news of all… I’m officially weight-bearing as tolerated! I can walk!

It is now time to move onto the next step and make my leg strong and usable again. I am going to physical therapy twice a week and doing exercises at home the other five days a week. I also rejoined my gym yesterday, I can’t wait to get back into shape.

3 month post-FVFG follow-up

June 24th, 2008 1 comment

It’s been 3 long months since I was operated on at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. A lot has changed in the past few weeks. The hip doesn’t hurt like it used to. When I’m relaxing, it doesn’t hurt at all. I take Motrin sparingly, almost exclusively at night.

Until this point, I was on a non-weight bearing status, and was desperately looking forward to a change. Well that change finally came this past week at my 3 month follow-up in NYC. The surgeon looked at the film from an MRI I got last week and said things looked great. He was able to show me where the new bone graft was integrating with the old hip. He said I can start putting weight on my leg, starting with 30 lbs. I’ll slowly increase the weight on my own over the next 3 months. Hopefully in September I’ll be able to walk unassisted and never have to use crutches again!

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