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Physical Evaluation Board results

October 14th, 2008 No comments

Last week I got a call from my contact at Newport Naval Hospital, she received the findings of my physical evaluation board. I have been found unfit for duty, received a 30% disability rating, and starting November 9th will be on the TDRL (Temporary Disability Retired List).

I was placed on the TDRL because my condition was not deemed “stable” by the PEB. While on the TDRL, I’ll be reevaluated every 18 months and limited to 5 years max on the TDRL. At the 5 year point, if not sooner during a reevaluation, I will be removed from the TDRL and either found fit for duty or permanently retired.

I am going to register with the VA tomorrow, and begin the next chapter of my life.

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Unfit for duty

September 3rd, 2008 1 comment

TDRL Unfit for Duty

I have some pretty big news to those of you that have been reading my journal for the past couple years. It seems the higher-ups in the Navy have decided that I am unfit for duty, and should be discharged. They have recommended my case be submitted to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). The PEB basically reviews the medical evidence and makes determinations of fitness or unfitness to continue service. If the service member is found unfit, the PEB then determines the percentage of the service member’s disability compensation using the Veterans Administration Schedule for Rating Disability (VASRD). Depending on the severity of the injury, the service member either receives medical retirement or severance pay. Read more…

Army doc no show

August 14th, 2007 3 comments

I showed up to Hanscom Air Force Base at 7:50AM last week to meet with that Army doctor, only to find out “he didn’t show up for work.” I rescheduled for the 22nd, but found out today I might not even have to go. Turns out I need to go back to Newport Naval Hospital to determine whether I will return to full duty, continue treatment, or have a PEB (I think PEB has something to do with a medical board reviewing my case, though I am not familiar with this acronym). I called today to make the appointment but never heard back from them about how many weeks I’ll have to wait to be seen.

Some days I feel like I could walk fine, other days I can’t even bend my hip enough to put on a sock. Apparently things aren’t getting better on their own and I need some therapy advice. Hopefully I’ll go to Newport soon.