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The EPSQ is the Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire. The questionnaire ultimately must be filled out digitally and sent electronically to the Defense Security Service. But before you fill it out digitally, you are instructed to fill out the EPSQ worksheet.

The worksheet’s purpose is to show you what questions will be asked and give you ample time to answer them. The reason for this is because the worksheet is 30 pages long and covers the last 7 years of your life.

You are asked about where you have lived within the last 7 years, where you have went to school within the last 7 years, where you have worked within the last 7 years, your spousal situation, your military history, your selective service record, and finally your financial status.

I just finished filling out my EPSQ worksheet.

Updated checklist:

  Medical exam
  7 Letters of personal reference
  Letter from dentist
  Electronic Personnal Security Questionnaire Worksheet
  Pass ASTB (air test)
  Pass cycloplegic eye exam
  Final Physical Fitness Test (1 month before Class 190 board meets)

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