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Scheduled for the ASTB

Spoke to my OSO earlier today and signed up to take the ASTB on June 13th. The ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery) is used to determine an applicant’s potential as an aviator. The current version of the test contains five sections.

  • Math/Verbal – Measures quantitative aptitude (arithmetic reasoning, general mathematics, algebra, and plane geometry, similar to sections as found in the SAT)
  • Mechanical Comprehension – Measures a person’s ability to fix a problem or rationalize basic physics (understanding of principles involved in the operation of mechanical devices, basic physics, etc.)
  • Spatial Apperception – Measures a person’s ability to observe changes in position or attitude of aircraft from a third-person view
  • Aviation/Nautical Information – Tests knowledge of aviation and nautical terminology, principles, and practices.
  • Aviation Supplemental – Contains a variety of questions that are similar in format and content to the items in the preceding subtests.
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