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I love/hate going out

Two weeks ago my sister informed me she was head of an auction committee at the school she teaches at and asked if I’d make their program book. Last Thursday, the 35-page program was finished, and on Friday, Adrienne and I went to Brighton High School’s 1st Annual Live & Silent Auction Extravaganza. The auction went very well and I managed to snag Red Sox tickets for the next day’s sold-out game.

After the auction, we drove to see Waltham play at the Paradise. The show was really good, but exhausting, I could barely stand by the end (1AM). It was supposedly Waltham’s “last big show for a while” because they’re going into the studio to record a new album.

For a couple reasons, I decided to crutch over to Fenway Park on Saturday. It wasn’t a very good idea, and I ended up burning a small triangle shape in my skin a few inches under my right armpit. Whatever. The game was great, our seats were awesome, and they beat the hell out of the Orioles.

Since then I’ve been very unmotivated to do anything, I’ve just been sitting around the house trying to keep busy. It isn’t that I feel lazy, I just don’t feel like putting in the effort go outside, which is unfortunate because it’s supposed to rain the next the next 9 days in a row.

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  1. brian
    May 8th, 2006 at 23:10 | #1


    I am glad that you completed the booklet and managed to leave the house on two consecutive days. I am commenting so that you can’t give me shit anymore about never commenting. Sorry to hear about your triangle patch, I guess that’s why long distance crutching is NOT an olympic event yet. Check you later… B

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