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November 22nd, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got a copy of Dr. C’s notes from my orthopedic appointment last week. He is recommending I get the screws in my leg removed prior to any return to active duty. He also doesn’t seem to think I will be able to return until July/August. Think I can prove him wrong?

Dr. C’s notes:

RADIOGRAPHS: The fracture is well healed with crossing trabeculae both superiorly and inferiorly. The screws are prominent from the lateral aspect of the femur for a distance of about 2 cm.

RECOMMENDATION: I suspect that he will want these removed, as they are currently symptomatic and likely to be symptomatic long term. We would probably do this sometime in March of 2007, which will be 1 year from the time of his surgery.

WORK STATUS: With respect to active duty in the Marines, I would suspect that this would not be possible until at least sometime in July or August of 2007, after he recovers sufficiently form the hardware removal.

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