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Successful surgery

I had the hardware removed from my leg yesterday. My mom drove us to the hospital and I checked in at 6AM, and was brought upstairs to be begin the process. My mom parked the car while I changed into a hospital gown and put all my clothes into a bag. The nurse then instructed me to get into the bed. She then proceeded to do a complete medical history with me, and give me an IV. My mom came in and sat next to my bed. The first IV she put in wasn’t right and the stinging wouldn’t go away, so I had her redo it. On her second attempt she got blood all over the floor. The second IV felt better and we were able to proceed.

Next I met the anesthesiologist. She asked me a few questions and left. I met a few more people who asked me some more questions. Finally my doctor came in and wrote “yes” on my leg. The nurse told him I’d like to keep my screws. He asked me if I had any special plans for them and I told him what I planned, everyone got a good laugh.

The nurse then got the green light from the operating room and gave me a cocktail to make me feel better. I said goodbye to my mom and was wheeled down a bunch of halls into the operating room. It was a very large room and started to fill up with people. All the sudden everything went dark and I was out.

I woke up to a nurse saying “we’re all finished!” I was wheeled into a post-operation area and was given all my instructions for the days to follow. I can’t get my bandage wet for 5 days, and I have to go back in 12 days to get my stitches out. I was prescribed vicodin, but I don’t really like the way it makes me feel, so I’m trying not to take much of it. The pain is pretty bad, especially when I’m sitting down, but things aren’t nearly as bad as my first surgery.

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