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Cleaning out my closet

I cleaned out my closet this week; I figured I’d have to do it eventually. The closet in my bedroom is decent sized, and it was jammed with clothing I never wear. After trying everything on I made a good-sized stack of clothes. 8 t-shirts, 9 short-sleeved collared shirts, 5 long-sleeved collared shirts, 10 sweaters, 15 boxer shorts, 8 dress-shirts, and 3 pairs of dress-pants.

I took the piles of carefully folded clothes, crammed them into an extra-large duffle bag, brought them to the Salvation Army (147 Berkeley St, downtown Boston) and donated them.

I made room in my closet for things that had no home, and my clothes might help somebody stay warmer next winter, or make someone feel more comfortable with their clothes at a job interview. The whole experience felt great.

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